CVR CRUSHING EQUIPMENT was established in 1993 and is a privately owned Australian Company. Our extensive workshop is located at 10/12 Mooney Street Bayswater.

CVR Crushing Equipment has built its success on business by focusing on our customers needs backed by the commitment to supply a quality product on time every time!

When you do business with our company, you are guaranteed that the level of service, quality and price competitiveness is second to none.

We have an extensive workshop with a wide variety of machining and fabrication equipment that can handle very large projects to that of small precision-machined components.

At CVR, not only do we believe that our clients are one of our greatest assets...but also one of our best advertisements.

Mobile Impact Crushing Unit - Built March 2000
Jeff Mathlin - Managing Director

Jeff Mathlin has been in the crushing and mining industry for more than 25 years and has vast experience with all types of crushing and mining equipment. He has gained experience in this field both as a receiver from the supply industry and now as a supplier both on the engineering and operational sides.
David Craggs - Workshop Manager David Craggs has been working in the fabrication and machining industry for more than 20 years.